An electric scooter and Dyffryn Gardens

Thought you might like a brief post to accompany the photos I took at Dyffryn Gardens on Monday afternoon, 17th August. Jen had arranged for an electric sacooter to be provided for mum (Cool Gran) and it wasa huge success. So much so, that she’s agreed to take the one that Nancy was conned into buying and which is sitting in her garage in Fairlight. That’s another story that doesn’t bear the telling, so moving on to happy tales …

What a lovely day. Have a look at the pictures

I hope you get a general idea of what a pleasant couple of hours we had. When we got home it was to see DeeJay who’d driven down to see mum for the evening. The flowers (see earlier post) had arrived earlier on but it was so good to see him. Ross joined us for tea and then what a great evening we had as well, playing Eggheads (which Ruth had bought for Cool Gran), and having a general laugh.



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