To Speyside for the whisky and a walk or two

This trip was done in the autumn of 2011 in the company of my son. We planned to take-in a couple of walks in Speyside as well as visiting a few distilleries. We didn’t do too well on the former, but succeeded in the latter. The weather was rather wet and the only walks we managed were done in drizzle, low cloud, driving wind or a combination of the above!

To Speyside and back to Lancashire at EveryTrail

Two of the walks are shown below
“The Dramble” at EveryTrail

and Beside the Spey in the wet at EveryTrail
, a third walk on a really unpleasant day up Cairngorm was abandoned because there was no fun in it at all, and to proceed any further would have been foolish – even the cable car wasn’t running!

A secondary, and to me as important, outcome of the trip was that I was able to look up old university friends in Stirling, Lancaster and Scarisbrick. Great fun!

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